The costs of a restoration

The costs are variable and depend mainly on the state in which your home is located. In general we can say that the price can range from 550 to 2000 € per square meter. Choose the most convenient one and start work right away! You will save up to 40% on the final cost of your project.

Restoration and conservative restoration
The building interventions that are part of this category are those of conservation of the building. Each intervention is aimed at ensuring its functionality: this is achieved through works that respect the original structure and its purposes. In this way, the building will be livable and safe. In particular, the following are included in this category of works.

How do you proceed with the restoration of a house?
Having an apartment to renovate requires special attention. It becomes even more challenging to proceed with the conservative and structural restoration of an ancient building.

Mortar: an important element in the restoration
A material widely used in restoration is mortar. It is important to distinguish the compositions that this material can have in order to make the most convenient choice. In classical construction, cement mortar has established itself: its characteristic is a great mechanical resistance due to its adhesive capacity. However, there is also a type of mortar with a composition of water and sand that is used as a binder and applied to the walls to restore the missing parts. In restoration and green building this material is preferred because it respects nature without detracting from quality.

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